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John Wick director shoots epic snowball fight entirely on iPhone

David Leitch, the visionary director behind John Wick and Deadpool 2, teamed up with Apple for the latest “Shot on iPhone” ad that takes snowball fights to an all-new level. The 90-second ad, titled

Steve Jobs didn’t want the ‘Get a Mac’ ads to be too funny

Justin Long, the “Mac” to John Hodgman’s “PC” in the now-famous ads from Apple, said the funnier commercials were kept off the air by company founder Steve Jobs. It’s not because Jobs lacked a sense

Pizza boxes are the new innovative frontier in funny Apple ad

Apple’s entire line of products are on full display in the company’s brilliant new ad that also features a patented Apple pizza box. The new video, which clocks in at just over three minutes long,

Blur is the new black in Apple’s latest iPhone ads

Apple debuted an ad showing off the Depth Control feature on the new X-class iPhones, a 38-second subliminal sales pitch to get you thinking of an upgrade. The iPhone XR and XS handsets offer the

Apple looking for ‘Shot on iPhone’ pics for new ads

Apple’s next billboard may be in your pocket. Apple is inviting iPhone photographers around the world to submit their best shots for its next “Shot on iPhone” marketing campaign. Some of Apple’s best

Teen golf phenom lands in rough over Apple Watch ad

A teen-aged golf prodigy could lose her amateur status after she appeared in a 15-second video for the Apple Watch. Lucy Li, 16, is ranked ninth among the world’s women’s amateurs. The United States

The 10 best Apple ads of 2018 [Year in Review]

The past 12 months have been one of the busiest ever for Apple’s video team. Apple churned out more than 120 ads and other videos in 2018, unleashing some of its most memorable commercials in years.

Apple caps off ‘amazing’ year with more advertising honors

Apple marketing set an even higher bar in the advertising industry this year and is closing out 2018 with three commercials in Adweek’s Top 25 Best Ads of the Year. Adweek listed “Welcome Home,”

Japan’s decotora trucks skirt-skirt into new ‘Shot on iPhone’ ad

Apple puts the iPhone’s low-light shooting capabilities on full display in a new “Shot on iPhone” ad that gives viewers a glimpse inside Japan’s decotora truck craze. The incredible new video follows

Elvis is in the building for hilarious Apple FaceTime ad

Apple gives us the gift we really want: more Elvis. Specifically, a collection of Elvis impersonators scattered around the world using Group FaceTime to share their love of the King of Rock and Roll.

Apple really wants iPad Pro to be your next computer

In a previous iPad advertisement, Apple famously asked “What’s a computer?” The company has taken a step past that with its latest ad that urges people to make an iPad Pro their next computer. The

Today in Apple history: ‘Here’s to the crazy ones’ who ‘think different’

September 28, 1997: Apple debuts its iconic “Think different” television commercial, aligning the troubled computer company with some of history’s most celebrated freethinking rebels. The most famous

Today in Apple history: Flash controversy results in banned iPhone ad

August 27, 2008: The U.K. bans an iPhone ad for apparently misleading consumers. The misleading bit? The ad overhypes the iPhone’s internet-surfing abilities. It does this by not mentioning that the

Photo fakery in smartphone ads shows genius of ‘Shot on iPhone’

Within a week’s time, two of the Apple’s biggest rivals got caught using misleading photos in ad campaigns that promoted the quality of their smartphones’ built-in cameras. The embarrassing screwups

Today in Apple history: Apple fan Jerry Seinfeld joins the dark side

August 21, 2008: Microsoft recruits comedian Jerry Seinfeld for a series of ads. It’s a naked attempt to shake the company’s reputation as a stodgy oldster (as opposed to Apple’s trendsetting hipster

Today in Apple history: ‘Misunderstood’ iPhone ad wins Emmy

August 18, 2014: A Christmas-themed iPhone ad lands Apple an Emmy for “Most Outstanding Commercial of the Year.” The prize-winning spot is Apple’s “Misunderstood” iPhone 5s ad. It depicts a silent

iPhone ads appeal to young people, confuse their elders

Apple’s latest TV ads are fast-paced and colorful. But a study by a market-research firm finds that Baby Boomers feel these ads aren’t aimed at them. The analysts theorize this is because Apple isn’t

Today in Apple history: It’s time to ‘Think different’

August 8, 1997: At Macworld Expo, Steve Jobs introduces the world to Apple’s new slogan, “Think different.” The catchy marketing reassures fans that Apple is exiting its mid-1990s dark age and once

Steve Jobs’ marketing guru slags Apple advertising as boring

Quick, what’s the advertising slogan Apple uses for the iPhone X? How about for the iPad? What was the theme of the last Apple ad you saw? If you shrugged your shoulders at all these questions, then

Today in Apple history: Martin Scorsese ad makes Siri look like a superstar

July 23, 2012: Looking for the perfect spokesman for its new virtual assistant Siri, Apple turns to the filmmaker behind some of Hollywood’s most violent gangster movies. That’s what happens when a