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Top iPhone apps still pull in vastly more money than Android‘s best sellers

The 100 biggest software developers on the Apple App Store took in a whopping 64 percent more than the highest-earning Android app makers during the first the first three months of this year. And the

iOS devs sue Apple over ‘profit-killing‘ App Store fees

A law firm is looking for iOS developers to join a class-action suit against Apple for the way it runs the App Store. The lawyers accuse the company of “anticompetitive practices.” One of their goals

All Apple’s app stores are partially down [Updated]

The official System Status page for all Apple’s services shows that three of the most important ones are having problems The iOS App Store, the Mac App Store and the iTunes Store are all affected.

Apple offers 10% bonus on cash added to your Apple ID

For the rest of this week, Apple will chip in an extra 10 percent to funds added to App Store accounts. This is essentially free money for those willing to commit some cash to buying apps or other

EU kicks off antitrust investigation against Apple‘s App Store

The European Union decided that there’s enough evidence to justify a formal investigation into Apple’s business practices. This is a result of Spotify’s accusation that Apple is using its control of

YouTube TV costs App Store subscribers extra

The monthly YouTube TV subscription fee is going up to $49.99. And it will be even higher for those who pay for this streaming video service via the Apple App Store. This is apparently YouTube’s way

App Store downloads fall, but revenues still rise

The number of downloads from Apple’s iOS App Store declined slightly last quarter, according to a report from market analysis firm Morgan Stanley. However, revenue from iOS software is increasing, up

Sen. Warren targets App Store in bid to break up Apple

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s campaign for U.S. President has taken a hard line against big tech, and she has Apple in her sights. On Friday she proposed breaking up a number of large tech firms, and the

App Store spending hit all-time high in 2018

iPhone users in the US spent, on average, $79 last year on software. That’s up 36 percent from 2017, according to figures from a market analysts firm. Spending on premium apps and in-app purchases has

Apple’s App Store sets record: takes in $1.22 billion in a week

The Apple App Store had its best week ever between between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. And New Year’s Day was the best single day of sales ever. This is just the kind of news the company needs,

Tumblr back in App Store after banning all porn

Tumblr’s exile from the iOS App Store is over, but the company behind it had to kick all forms of pornography off the platform to be allowed to return. While that decision is controversial, it did

Apple kicks hundreds more apps out of China’s App store

Apple continues to remove third-party applications from the Chinese version of the App Store for violating its terms of service. It reportedly removed 718 apps this week. This isn’t the first time

Tumblr vanishes from the App Store

Tumblr is gone from the iOS App Store, but exactly why remains a mystery. Still, there’s speculation that Apple cracked down on the blogging app for being used to disseminate content that violates

Apple bans Alex Jones from the App Store forever

Alex Jones and Infowars Official have been permanently banned from the iOS App Store. An Apple spokesperson said it was because company guidelines prohibit software that’s “offensive, insensitive,

Apple secretly urges iOS app makers to add subscriptions

Apple wants developers to stop selling iOS applications and start renting them instead. The reason is simple: this forces users to pay more for software. Apple held a secret meeting in New York City

Unearthed interview shows Steve Jobs knew the iPhone would be ‘huge’

Ten years ago, Apple co-founder and then-CEO Steve Jobs understood that smartphones were going to be a big deal. And he realized software would be an important part of that. With 20/20 hindsight, it’s

Apple App Store revenue almost double that of Google Play

In the battle of the mobile software stores, Apple has a huge lead. Consumers spending in the iOS App Store during the first half of this year was almost double that of rival Google Play. But there’s

iPhone app subscription fees doubled in a year

We’re all accustomed to paying a simple, one-time fee for our iOS apps. But developers are increasingly turning to subscriptions. In fact, there were billions paid in app subscription fees in the past

Amazon’s unlimited reading app finally arrives on iOS

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited just made the jump to to the Apple App Store. This service for children ages three to twelve offers thousands of books, movies, and games for a flat monthly fee. The service

Supreme Court to rule whether developers can sue Apple

Software developers filed a lawsuit years ago claiming Apple uses the App Store to enforce a monopoly on iOS software. Apple argues that developers don’t have the right to bring this lawsuit, only