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Play Fortnite at 90FPS on your OnePlus 8, with a catch

Epic Games has collaborated with OnePlus to bring a really cool new feature to Fortnite. It’s either going to impress you, or just annoy you that it’s even an option. But hey, options are cool, right?

Citra officially becomes the first 3DS emulator for Android

Android is no stranger to emulators, and there are more of them on the Play Store than you can shake a stick at. It’s a great platform for it, too, considering how powerful some phones are these days

OnePlus Game Space is now on the Play Store for quicker updates

OnePlus has been steadily adding their suite of OxygenOS apps to the Play Store for the last few years. Other manufacturers have done this, too, since it makes updating and maintaining those apps a

Stadia May Update: 3 new games, more games on sale, and (be thankful) less plugged-in controller

For the Stadia May update Google have released more games for Stadia and released some hardware improvements that we have been waiting for. Google continue to release more games for Stadia though we

Microsoft’s Forza Street racing game is now available to download from the Play Store and Galaxy Store

To say that the world has changed since Microsoft announced that its premier racing franchise would soon launch on Android and iOS devices back in February would be an understatement, to say the

Deus Ex Go is FREE right now in the Play Store

The popular game from 2016, Deus Ex Go, has been reduced from $4.99/£5.99 to free on the Play Store. The third in the popular Go series of games by Square Enix sees the Deus Ex cyberpunk universe

‘Install when available’ option is rolling out on the Play Store for app and game pre-registrations

How many times have you read an article telling you to pre-register for some game that’s being released on the Play Store a month or more in advance and then forgotten all about it when the time

Google announces Stadia to get PUBG (playable now!) and EA Games (coming later this year!)

At April’s Stadia Connect, Google announced a mass of new games coming soon to the Stadia platform (which is free to try for two months) and PUBG (the one that’s better than Fortnite but less popular)

The auto-running game we’ve all been waiting for, Crash Bandicoot Mobile, is soft-launching in selected markets

We’ve seen auto-running games such as Super Marios Run, Temple Run, and Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom come to Android, and now its the turn of Crash Bandicoot to run endlessly on our smartphones. The game

Google scores an Epic win as Fortnite comes to the Play Store

It’s around twenty months since Epic Games chose to go it alone and make Fortnite on Android available to download from its own storefront, eschewing Google’s Play Store because it wanted to avoid the

Is Facebook’s new gaming app ready to take on Twitch?

Facebook has launched a new gaming app on the Play Store, which makes us wonder: did the world really need another live-streaming video game service? The platform, appropriately titled “Facebook

Play Stadia Pro offered by Google free for two months

Gaming has greatly evolved in the past three decades. There is still console and PC gaming but these days, more people are going mobile. Mobile gaming is becoming more popular because a smartphone or

Google Stadia Pro gets three games in April, Ubisoft brings The Crew 2 to the game streaming service

Google is gearing up for an exciting April with a few new free games for Pro subscribers, plus the addition of The Crew 2 in Stadia’s growing library. March 31st also marks the last day that you can

Google Play Games is about to get more social

A new feature called Play Together has been spotted in a recent teardown of Google Play Games, hinting at a new, more cohesive multiplayer functionality coming to Google’s Android gaming service. But

DOOM Eternal rips onto Stadia this Friday, The Division 2 available now with cross-play and cross-save

If you’re looking for a way to spend your weekend indoors, have you checked out DOOM Eternal? We already knew it was coming this Friday on March 20th, but Google is officially ready to kick off its

Google is sending $5 Play Store coupons to Google One subscribers to help keep you entertained

Running out of things to do to keep you entertained during a self-quarantine? Google might have the answer. You’re going to want to check your email inbox for a $5 Play Store coupon that Google is

NVIDIA GeForce Now had a great launch, and it’s all been downhill ever since

NVIDIA GeForce Now launched out of beta recently, and it really set itself up as a serious competitor to Google Stadia. It works on more devices, already has a free tier, it’s cheaper, and it has a

[Poll] Are you keeping your Google Stadia subscription?

If you pre-ordered Google Stadia, you’re winding towards the end of your first three month subscription. It’s time for early adopters to start paying monthly, unless they want to drop down to the

The next ASUS ROG Phone will feature Google Stadia out of the box

We weren’t sure if ASUS was committed to producing a successor to the ROG Phone II but thanks to the announcement of a partnership between Google Stadia and ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) has revealed

Google Stadia supports way more phones ahead of the Galaxy S20 launch

One of the biggest gripes we had with Google Stadia in our review was the lack of device support. Out of everything I own, I was only able to play games on my computers running Chrome. No smartphones