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Google’s own AirDrop could be here sooner than we think, video shows

Android users have been pining for their own version of Apple’s AirDrop for years now, but if the latest rumors have anything to say about it, we could be seeing it very soon in a new version of

Google Play Books on Android gets a slight design tweak

Google’s latest Play Books for Android update isn’t anything major, but there are some small design tweaks that make the app a little more polished overall. The “major” part of this update is that

LG’s Android 10 update features a powerful new desktop mode

When we talk about LG and OS updates, it’s usually to lambast the company for its inability to provide OS upgrades in a timeous manner. But not today this time, because the Korean handset maker has

Huawei inks a crucial deal with TomTom for navigation to replace Google Maps

Huawei lost access to Google Play Services with the US trade ban that was instituted last year, and that has some consequences that you probably don’t think about at first. Obviously missing the Play

Google Chrome’s next new feature will copy images right to Android’s clipboard

Chrome has quite a few new features in the oven for 2020, and the newest one will make it easier than ever to quickly copy an image from the internet. That’s not the biggest change in the world, but

Opera not only makes mediocre browsers, but apparently predatory loan apps, too

Opera, the company behind Opera Browser, apparently has a few other things in their portfolio besides middling browsers. According to a new report, there are several predatory loan apps available on

Here’s how to send an Instagram DM on your PC or laptop without your phone

Instagram is definitely a mobile-first service, but they’ve slowly been expanding into being more desktop-friendly. For example, Facebook has just started adding DMs to the desktop version of

A selection of Galaxy S20 wallpapers has leaked ahead of February 11th launch, download them now!

You may have had your current phone a few months or even years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t freshen it up with some brand new wallpapers to make it seem a little newer. With a little under a month

These are the winners of Google’s Android search auction in the EU; Bing didn’t fare very well

After taking a hefty fine from the EU, Google was also forced to open up Android’s search engine and include other options for users to pick from. They went about it in a very weird way by offering up

Chrome 80 to introduce less annoying notification requests

Are you sick and tired of visiting a website to read an article or check if an item is in stock and being ambushed by a pervasive pop-up asking permission to send you notifications? Me too, which is

Delta to add Bluetooth support and a “Binge” button to its in-flight entertainment systems

As some airlines reduce their reliance on in-flight entertainment systems it seems that Delta Airlines is doubling down with its announcement at CES 2020 that it will add a “Binge” button to its

Qualcomm is going to make Bluetooth audio way better at CES 2020

Qualcomm is best known for their high-end mobile processors, typically in Android smartphones, but that’s not all they do. In fact, they play a pretty big role in Bluetooth connectivity for your

January’s free games are now available for Stadia Pro members

If you’ve already played through your library of games on Google’s Stadia gaming service you’ll be happy to note that January’s freebies are available. Stadia Pro users can now claim the Thumper and

Google Duo video messages now let you respond with emoji reactions

Google Duo is giving users yet another way to interact with each other, and that’s through emoji reactions. This is an option for received video messages in Google Duo. In a message you receive, tap

Secure email service ProtonMail rolls out their new ProtonCalendar beta

If you’re invested into digital security, you might be familiar with ProtonMail. It’s a service that aims to make your email much more private by utilizing end-to-end encryption and keeps advertisers

Realme is the next manufacturer to preload ads onto your phone

Realme has very confidently announced that they’ll be kicking off 2020 with a bang. And by bang, we mean more ads on your phone. Yikes. It’s called “content recommendations” and Realme says it’s being

Google tests out floating tabs for Chrome, makes tab-switching a breeze

Google recently rolled out tab groups to Chrome on Android, and the next step is to make switching tabs more fluent and mobile-first. The beginning of that change is already available in some dev

Check out your Top Nine Instagram posts of 2019

As we come to the end of 2019 and look back at events such as graduating, little Johnny’s first steps or finally getting in shape may be the most important benchmarks you’ll consider. That being said,

Google Photos is testing zooming in on videos

Google has added quite a few new features to Google Photos lately. Manual face tagging, yet another messaging service, and more have all come in just the last few months, making this one of Google’s

This custom launcher will turn on Android 10’s hidden desktop mode

Android 10’s early betas promised a new desktop mode for Android. This highly experimental feature turns Android into an interface that’s more similar to a desktop computer, including with freeform