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AirPods sales could blow past 100 million units this year

Apple’s AirPods will once again dominate the market for truly wireless headphones in 2020, according to a market research firm. And sales will hit 100 million units this year. The only real question

AirPods sales spike means total market domination

Apple sold almost 60 million AirPods wireless headphones in 2019, according to a market-analysts firm. That’s a dramatic increase from the 35 million the company is estimated to have sold the year

Crazy-popular AirPods match ‘peak iPod’ sales

AirPods contribute as much to Apple’s bottom line as the iconic iPod did at its peak, according to an industry analyst. And Apple Watch long since passed that milestone. Combined, Apple’s Wearables

AirPods sales could shoot up 40% this year

Apple’s wireless earbuds are selling better than most people realize. The company is on track to sell 50 million pairs by the end of this year, according to an industry analyst. That’s up from 35

AirPods most popular brand in ‘hearables’ market

Apple sold some 35 million AirPods last year. That makes the wireless earbuds, which had a rocky rollout, the most popular “hearables” device in the U.S., according to Counterpoint Research. But Apple