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Apple reportedly placing big orders for next year’s 5G iPhone

Apple is predicting big things for its 5G iPhone, according to a new report featuring shipment forecasts Cupertino has allegedly given its supply chain partners. The report suggests that Apple has

Trump wants Apple to build US 5G infrastructure

Apple CEO Tim Cook clearly impressed Donald Trump yesterday during their tour of the Mac Pro factory; the president suggested that Apple be involved in rolling out 5G access across the US. And he

Top Apple analyst spills details on 5G iPhone, antenna challenges

Ever reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that the upcoming 5G iPhones will support both mmWave and sub-6GHz bands. This will allow them to interoperate effectively with 5G cell towers all

Apple Could Face Supply Constraints for 2020 iPhone’s 5G Antenna

TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is out with a new investor note detailing Apple’s 5G push in 2020. The analyst says that Apple will add 5G to all three iPhones in 2020.

Apple will dominate 5G sales in 2020

Apple will beat out Samsung and Huawei in 5G handsets next year, according to a forecast by industry analysts. This despite accusations by some critics that not putting 5G in the iPhone 11 would put
Apple Expected to Lead 5G Smartphone Shipments in 2020

Apple Expected to Lead 5G Smartphone Shipments in 2020

Though Apple has not yet come out with a 5G iPhone, the company is expected to lead the 5G smartphone market in 2020, according to a new report today from analytics firm Strategy Analytics. Apple is

Analyst complains iPhone’s average selling price is slipping

There are plenty of reasons to be enthusiastic about Apple’s massive earnings call yesterday. One analyst who’s not happy, however, is Barclays analyst Tim Long. In a note to clients, Long writes that
Report: Apple to Use Qualcomm's X55 5G Modem in All Three 2020 iPhones

Report: Apple to Use Qualcomm's X55 5G Modem in All Three 2020 iPhones

Apple's 2020 iPhones will all use Qualcomm's newest and fastest 5G-capable modem chip, claims a new report out of Asia today. Apple is expected to launch three iPhones next year in 5.4-inch,

Kuo: All Three 2020 iPhones Will Feature 5G Connectivity

Reputed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says in his latest note that all three iPhones which Apple plans to launch in 2020 will feature 5G connectivity.
Kuo: All Three iPhones Coming in 2020 Will Support 5G

Kuo: All Three iPhones Coming in 2020 Will Support 5G

The three iPhones expected to launch in 2020 will feature support for 5G, according to a new note to investors shared today by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and obtained by MacRumors. Kuo originally

Why Intel wants out of modem biz (and Apple wants in)

Intel CEO Bob Swan says his company decided to bail out off the phone modem business because these products had too few customers to make much money. Apple is the primary buyer of Intel modems, and

Testing 5G: What 5G Speeds Will Be Like When the 2020 iPhones Launch

Apple isn't planning to launch a 5G iPhone until 2020, but carriers in the United States and other smartphone manufacturers like Samsung are already testing 5G, which offers download speeds that are

Intel Reportedly in Talks with a Potential Buyer for 8,500 Wireless Patents

Weeks ago Intel had put nearly 8,500 wireless patents for auction. Now Intel has taken the patents off the market and is allegedly entering into negotiation with an unnamed buyer.

Real-world 5G is 2.7x faster than 4G

Apple fans might be underwhelmed by 5G because they’ll have to wait another year for an iPhone with this replacement for LTE, but there’s a lot to look forward to. A new study of finds that users can

Expect multiple 5G iPhones in 2020

Apple may be waiting a bit longer than some of its rivals to go 5G, but it will reportedly jump into this cutting-edge networking standard in a big way next year. There will be two 5G iPhone models

Kuo: Apple Will Launch 5.45-inch and 6.7-inch 5G iPhones in 2020

In his latest research note, Ming-Chi Kuo says that Apple will be launching three new iPhones in 2020 with OLED displays. The display sizes will be different from Apple’s current iPhone lineup which
Apple in Talks to Purchase Intel's German Modem Unit

Apple in Talks to Purchase Intel's German Modem Unit

Apple is in talks to buy Intel's German modem unit, which could help Apple develop its own modem chips more quickly, reports The Information. Intel is considering selling its modem business in

Sprint Launches Mobile 5G Network in Four U.S. Cities

Sprint today announced the initial launch of its mobile 5G network, bringing 5G connectivity to Sprint customers in areas of Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and Kansas City. Over the course of
EE to Launch 5G in the United Kingdom on May 30

EE to Launch 5G in the United Kingdom on May 30

Mobile network EE has announced it will launch 5G in the United Kingdom on May 30, beating rival Vodafone's 5G offering which launches in early July. At a London press event this morning, EE revealed

Early test shows the promise and perils of 5G

The first steps of the move from 4G LTE to 5G NR are underway. And tests with one of the first two handsets capable of connecting to Verizon’s version of this faster network show 5G offers amazing