2019 macbook pro

The best gadgets of 2019

The best gadgets of 2019

Few gadgets took us entirely by surprise this year. But many of our favorites are well-executed improvements upon a solid older model.

The MacBook Pro is PRO again! We talk the new 16-incher plus our Disney+ first impressions, on The CultCast

This week on The CultCast: Everything you need to know about the new 16-inch MacBook Pro! Plus, our first impressions of this hot new machine. And we discuss Disney+, and why it may beat Netflix and
Apple unveils the Macbook Pro it should have sold five years ago

Apple unveils the Macbook Pro it should have sold five years ago

The new laptop is bigger, heavier, and no longer has a butterfly keyboard.

16-inch MacBook Pro blows away your old laptop

Benchmark tests confirm the MacBook Pro released today is as fast as the speedy macOS laptops introduced earlier this year. That’s good news for anyone who’s been nursing along an older MacBook,

16-inch MacBook Pro launch could be any day now

Don’t give up hope for the 16-inch MacBook Pro. Multiple sources indicate that the launch Apple’s biggest laptop in years could be imminent. Even if it wasn’t announced in October, as so many people

What to expect at an Apple October event

An Apple October event hasn’t yet been announced, but there’s such an impressive list of products that are supposedly ready to launch that the company seems to need a big venue to show them all off.

Apple could drop the 15-inch MacBook Pro

Apple’s next MacBook Pro will reportedly fit a 16-inch screen into the same size chassis as the current 15-inch model. An industry analyst says Apple plans to take the logical step and drop the

Newest 13-inch MacBook Pro brings unbelievable speed boost

Apple promised its newest 13-inch MacBook Pro would deliver faster performance than the previous model. But we weren’t expecting to be up to 83% faster! That’s the kind of speed increase you’re

Latest MacBooks still use Apple’s flawed butterfly keyboard

The upgraded MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models released today are faster and better looking but still include the keyboard that’s sent so many of their predecessors to the repair shop. A rumored
Save $220 on a 2019 MacBook Pro with the latest Intel processor on Amazon

Save $220 on a 2019 MacBook Pro with the latest Intel processor on Amazon

Interested customers can now grab a 2019 MacBook Pro with the latest Intel Core processor at a $220 discount on Amazon. This discounted MacBook Pro also features 512GB of SSD storage, a 15-inch Retina

Mystery MacBooks pop up in Eurasian database

Much-anticipated additional 2019 MacBooks have apparently just shown up in a Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) database. There are seven variations listed, one of which could be the super-size model

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This week on The CultCast: Apple may be prepping the Mac Pro for its big reveal … don’t miss our WWDC 2019 hardware expectations! Plus: The pros and cons of the 2019 MacBook Pro … we discuss. And did

2019 MacBook Pro teardown reveals minimal keyboard changes

Apple just dropped a new MacBook Pro with faster Intel processors that deliver even greater performance. But more importantly, it features “new material” that Apple hopes will fix its keyboard woes.

Latest MacBook Pro blows away its predecessors

Apple’s marketing for the recently-announced 2019 MacBook Pro emphasizes how much faster it than last year’s model, and now a benchmark score may confirm that this macOS laptop is almost 30 percent

All MacBooks with butterfly keyboards are now eligible for free repairs

Apple updated its Keyboard Service Program today to also include support for the 2018 MacBook Pro and 2018 MacBook Air. The news comes on the heels of Apple’s unveiling of new MacBook Pros this