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Apple Spent $10,000 and Two Weeks for a MacBook Pro Issue That Cost $0 to Repair

The MacBook Pro 2018 is no stranger to weird issues. But the one we are reporting today will blow your mind. A Photographer and developer by the name Greg Benz wrote about the ordeal on his website.

Processor shortage cuts into Mac sales

Apple saw a small but significant year-over year reduction in Mac sales during the first three months of 2019. This wasn’t because customers didn’t want to buy macOS notebooks and desktops however,

Apple sets 24-hour turnaround time for MacBook keyboard repairs

Apple has ordered that sticky MacBook keys be repaired fast enough that, whenever possible, the owner can get their computer back the next day. The company says only a small number of its laptops

Apple apologizes for continuing problems with MacBook keyboard

MacBooks made over several years were prone to keyboard issues. Apple tweaked the design of this critical component last year, and there was great optimism that the problem had been fixed in the

Apple drops prices on some high-end MacBook Pros

There’s good news for MacBook Pro buyers looking for a lot of storage: Apple has lowered the costs of its most-expensive SSD options. This can save shoppers up to $400 on these powerful laptops. This

7 painful truths about the 2018 MacBook Pro

The 2018 MacBook Pro might be the most disappointing laptop Apple has come out with in years. Despite being one of the lightest and most powerful Macs ever, The CultCast host Erfon Elijah finds the

MacBook Pro ‘stage light’ flaw could hit you with a $600 repair

Every MacBook Pro since 2016 harbors a hidden design flaw that inevitably will require an expensive repair, according to DIY repair website iFixit. The problem supposedly lies in “delicate” ribbon

Mac shipments fell last year but PC shipments dropped too

Shipments of Mac laptops and desktops declined last year. Not surprisingly, they were also down last quarter. Still, it wasn’t just Apple; the entire PC industry contracted slightly in 2018. And it

MacBook Pro gets smokin’ fast Vega GPUs, and Apple’s super-secret return and exchange program, on The CultCast

This week on The CultCast: Did you know about Apple’s super-secret special return and exchange policy? We’ll tell you what it is, and how to use it if you’re unhappy with your Apple purchase but

2018 iPad Pro runs faster than some MacBook Pros

Benchmark scores for the 2018 iPad Pro announced this week show that this tablet is faster than the 13-inch MacBook Pro released this summer. Unfortunately, these same benchmark tests don’t clear up

5 things we didn’t get at Apple’s ‘More in the Making’ event

Apple’s press event this morning was jam packed with new devices, including redesigned iPad Pros, an updated MacBook Air, and a faster Mac mini. But we still didn’t get everything we were expecting.

Mac sales declined in Q3, despite new MacBook Pros

The third quarter of this year wasn’t a particularly good one for Apple, with Mac sales dropping a significant amount. That doesn’t say positive things about sales of the 2018 MacBook Pro models that
iFixit meddles with a Mac, tests Apple’s block on third-party repairs

iFixit meddles with a Mac, tests Apple’s block on third-party repairs

Apple is using new proprietary diagnostics software when repairing 2018 iMac Pro and MacBook Pro models. This locks out these products from repairs at third-party stores and forces owners with these

2018 MacBook Pro owners complain of crackling speakers

Apple’s latest MacBook Pro lineup has bigger and better speakers than previous machines, but some users haven’t been enjoying improved sound. Instead, they hear crackling when they play music or watch

Journey to a trillion, and a look at Apple’s troubled history, on The CultCast

This week on The CultCast: The journey to a trillion! How did Apple become the most valuable company on earth? We discuss, and remember the company’s troubled history. Plus: Is the i9 MacBook Pro a

2018 MacBook Pro performance, after the patch, on The CultCast

This week on The CultCast: Apple has issued a patch that significantly increases performance for all 2018 MacBook Pros, but there’s one glaring problem it doesn’t fix…. We talk benchmarks and

Apple T2 chip might crash iMac Pro, MacBook Pro

Some iMac Pro units are subject to occasional hard crashes. The reasons are hard to pin down, but fingers are starting to point at the Apple T2 chip inside this computer. There’s also one in the 2018
Apple’s T2 chip may be causing issues in iMac Pro and 2018 MacBook Pros

Apple’s T2 chip may be causing issues in iMac Pro and 2018 MacBook Pros

Many iMac Pro owners have reportedly suffered kernel panics since they hit the market in December. You can find a handful of threads on Apple’s community forums detailing the problems and speculations

Apple issues thermal throttling fix for 2018 MacBook Pros

Ever since the debut of the 2018 MacBook Pro, there’s been controversy about the top-tier version suffering thermal throttling. Apple today apologized for this problem, and released a fix. It also

Apple Might Be Unable to Recover Data from 2018 MacBook Pro If Logic Board Fails

Planning on getting the 2018 MacBook Pro despite all the thermal issues? Well, here’s another thing that you might want to consider. Seemingly, if your 2018 MacBook Pro ever fails, you won’t be able