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OtterBox launches handsome textured cases for 2018 iPhone models

While OtterBox is best known for big, massively protective cases, it also offers ones for people looking for something more fashionable. Today it introduced four new cases with a range of textures and

Mophie’s iPhone battery case is a great alternative to Apple’s

The wait is over for the Mophie Juice Pack Access. This series of cases extends the battery life of the 2018 iPhone models while still allowing the Lightning port to be used. And the iPhone can be

Weak Chinese economy is dragging down iPhone, Fed says

Sales of iPhones seem to be weaker than in previous years, and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve has an explanation: a drop in consumer spending in China. The implication is that the slowdown in

You can still snag almost any iPhone XR on launch day

Apple began taking pre-orders for the iPhone XR early this morning, and there are still plenty of them left hours later. Contrast this with the iPhone XS launch which saw some configurations sell out
Apple debuts iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max with A12, 512GB, and new cameras

Apple debuts iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max with A12, 512GB, and new cameras

After months of component and specification leaks, Apple officially unveiled its 2018 flagship phones today: the 5.8-inch iPhone Xs and 6.5-inch iPhone Xs Max. Cosmetically, the devices are virtually

Why iPhone XS is a brilliant name for Apple’s new phone

You might be pronouncing the name of Apple’s next smartphone incorrectly. And this goes beyond the confusion resulting from people not calling the iPhone X the “iPhone 10”. But it’s related. It turns

How to Watch Apple’s 2018 iPhone Event

Apple will be live streaming its highly anticipated 2018 iPhone event on September 12 so you can watch it live on your Apple TV, Mac, PC or mobile irrespective of which part of the world you stay in.

World’s largest carrier spills big 2018 iPhone secret

The world’s largest carrier just confirmed one big rumor about the 2018 iPhone lineup. China Mobile has published an image that all but confirms a new Apple smartphone capable of supporting two SIM

iPhone 9 is not the name for Apple’s 6.1-inch handset

We know almost all of the specifications of the 2018 iPhones that are being announced this week, but the names remain something of a mystery. A mystery that might have been solved thanks to a leak

No one knows what 2018 iPhone models will cost

A hot topic of debate among Apple analysts is the prices for the three iPhone models expected next week. And there have been some leaks suggesting prices for the 2018 models. Thing is, none of these

2018 iPhones could cost just the same as the 2017 models

With most of the specifications of the 2018 iPhones already known, the largest remaining question is price. Possibly answering that burning question is a report coming out of Europe that indicates

Possible new name for the 6.5-inch iPhone takes it to the Max

We’ve already head reports that Apple is going to ditch the “Plus” description for its larger iPhones. Now there’s word that the replacement term could be “Max.” If true, this means that the company

Concept ad shows the magic of 6.1-inch iPhone 9

The 6.1-inch iPhone that’s expected to be unveiled next week has the potential to become Apple’s top seller. Advertising will play a big part of making it so, and a clever graphic artist went ahead

iPhone XS Will Be the First Smartphone to Launch with a 7nm Chip

When Apple launches the iPhone XS and its budget 6.1-inch LCD iPhone next week, it will have a key advantage over Android OEMs. It will become the first company in the market to release a smartphone

Don’t buy an iPhone!

Don’t worry, this isn’t an anti-iPhone rant. You should buy Apple’s smartphones, just not right now. Try to hold out a few weeks if your current one is dying or even if it’s dead. That’s because the

Video: iPhone XS Concept Based on Leaked Marketing Image

Last week, soon after Apple sent out its September 12 iPhone event invite, the company’s surprise was ruined by the folks over at 9to5Mac which leaked a marketing image of the 2018 iPhone XS.

Apple A12 chip brings huge gains to performance and battery life

The A11 Bionic chip from last year makes the iPhone X run faster than the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9. And now Apple is about to release the A12, a replacement with even quicker performance. A switch to

2018 iPhone might not work with Apple Pencil after all [UPDATED]

A respected analyst just threw cold water on the reports that the Apple Pencil will work with next month’s iPhone models. This contradicts several sources that pointed to support for Apple’s

Apple might drop ‘Plus’ iPhone naming scheme

The 2018 iPhone lineup might be missing a “Plus” model when all three new iPhones are unveiled at the Steve Jobs Theater early next month. Apple’s marketing team has reportedly been considering

2018 iPhone event reportedly set for September 12

Apple’s big 2018 iPhone unveiling is allegedly set for September 12, according to a new report out of France that claims to have insider information on Apple’s plans. Citing two sources at Apple,