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Doqo turns iPad Pro into MacBook with 7 ports [Review]

Anyone who longs for the days when MacBooks came with tons of ports can look to the Doqo, an iPad Pro keyboard case that includes a pair of USB-A ports, HDMI, memory card readers, and more. There’s

Doqo iPad Pro keyboard with trackpad also offers 7-port hub

Doqo is an upcoming USB-C keyboard for the iPad Pro with a MacBook-sized trackpad, a 7-in-1 hub, and a built-in battery. It’s one of several clip-on keyboards that promise to give Apple’s professional

Huawei MatePad Pro rips off iPad Pro in every way possible

No, we didn’t mix up the picture of Huawei’s new tablet with one of the iPad Pro. The two are so similar you have to look closely to see any differences. The just-announced MatePad Pro doesn‘t run

What a shocker: Huawei tablet looks just like iPad Pro

Huawei has often been guilty of introducing products “inspired” by Apple designers, and it’s apparently doing so again with an upcoming tablet. Leaked images of the Huawei MatePad Pro show it looks

One of iPhone 11’s hottest features is coming to older models

One of iPhone 11’s hottest camera features is also making its way to older devices. The ability to record from multiple cameras simultaneously will be available on iPhone XR, iPhone XS and XS Max, and

Certified Refurbished 2018 iPad Pro Now Available in Europe

Apple has begun selling refurbished 2018 iPad Pro across Europe. As with all other certified refurbished product, the 2018 iPad Pro comes directly from Apple and helps you save some money as opposed

iPad and Amazon are the big winners in tablet sales

Just two companies saw increased tablet sales in the second quarter of this year. Both Apple and Amazon enjoyed strong improvement, while all their rivals dropped. Apple further increased its

iAdapt docking station brings must-have ports to 2018 iPad Pro

Kanex is the latest to deliver a USB-C hub for the 2018 iPad Pro. The iAdapt looks like one of the better options for adding must-have ports to your tablet, and it neatly clips onto the side of your

Catalyst case makes your 2018 iPad Pro waterproof

Apple made the iPhone water-resistant years ago, but the iPad lineup is yet to get the same treatment. If you have a real urge to take yours swimming despite this, you need the new rugged case from

iPadOS brings those killer iPad features we’ve been craving

Apple just unveiled some of the most significant changes to the iPad line ever as it continues making these tablets ever better computers for professionals. The company even went so far as to free

Brilliant 6-in-1 USB-C Hub makes iPad Pro even more useful [Review]

The USB-C port in Apple’s latest professional-grade tablet is a giant improvement, but a new accessory still manages to make it even more useful. The HyperDrive iPad Pro allows every type of wired

Pro-level keyboard case nearly turns iPad Pro into a touchscreen MacBook [Review]

Since the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is faster than the 13-inch MacBook Pro, the tablet is serious competition for Apple’s notebooks. Its design offers many advantages over a notebook, but most people demand

Every audiophile’s iPad Pro needs this headphone adapter [Review]

There’s no headphone jack in the 2018 iPad Pro, which is darn inconvenient for anyone who wants to hook their tablet up to a non-Bluetooth pair of headphones or speakers. Fortunately, Satechi makes a

Why adding mouse support to iPad is a touch of genius [Opinion]

Rumors indicate Apple will soon add iPad mouse support. What does that mean? Here's a look at why using a mouse with iOS could be good. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)
The latest Apple iPad Pros get steep discounts on Amazon

The latest Apple iPad Pros get steep discounts on Amazon

The iPad Pro is now in its third generation, and the 2018 refresh of this premium tablet is, hands down, Apple’s best one yet. It’s on sale right now, too, for a good discount which can let you score

There’s finally a better Smart Keyboard alternative for 2018 iPad Pro

Logitech has finally delivered its own keyboard case for the 2018 iPad Pro lineup. The Slim Folio Pro works a lot like Apple’s own Smart Keyboard, but it’s more affordable and even more useful. You

Satechi launches headphone adapter iPad Pro needed all along

Satechi just introduced an adapter for audiophiles with the new iPad Pro. There’s no headphone jack in this tablet, so this accessory maker created a USB-C-to-3.5mm adapter. At the same time, Satechi

Perk up the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio with Slickwraps [Review]

The Apple Smart Keyboard Folio for the 2018 iPad Pro is slim, lightweight and very useful. It’s also ugly as a mud fence. Slickwraps makes an array of “skins” designed to improve the appearance with

Lightweight iPad Pro folio won’t drain your wallet [Review]

Anyone who choked at the $99 pricetag on the Apple Smart Folio cover for the latest iPad Pro should consider EasyAcc’s rival. This is slim and light, and costs less than half what Apple’s does. We put

iPad Pro’s winning redesign takes sting out of iPhone slump

iPad shipments grew by double digits last quarter, giving Apple its best holiday period for tablet sales since 2015. Shipments of slates and 2-in-1s had dropped earlier in the year, but analysts