In Fair Verona


The city of Verona, despite being one of the most architecturally and historically significant cities in Northern Italy, seems to fly under the radar, with larger cities like Rome, Venice and Florence among the more popular stops for tourists. And that is a shame, because Verona is truly delightful, with its pedestrian-friendly streets, colorful houses, and balconies overflowing with foliage.

We had the opportunity to spend a few days in this lovely city, nestled along the Adige river in Northern Italy, last summer as part of our partnership with Giovanni Rana, whose factory headquarters lie just outside the city. We spent 4 days there, utterly charmed by the time we hopped on the bus to go to Venice (Verona is conveniently located between Milan and Venice, an easy 90 minute bus or train ride from either, making it particularly easy to get to from either city).

Of course, the main attraction in Verona is the Capulet house and Juliet’s iconic balcony featured in Shakespeare’s most famous work. This was the one area of the city that was packed with people, but otherwise the city itself was quite peaceful.

The historical area of Verona is very walkable, its small size makes it particularly pedestrian friendly, most of the historic center being entirely free of cars. There are shiny new streets (if you like high end shopping) and cobbled old streets (full of history everywhere you look), bustling piazzas and quiet strolls along the riverfront. Yes, you’ve got your cheesy souvenir shops filled with all manner of Juliet-themed merchandise, but there are also charming independent shops and restaurants and markets that you can tell locals frequent on a regular basis.

It’s that kind of city: one that looks like a movie set but feels comfortable and lived in.


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