Scare Your Enemies With Your Own Voice in Boo! Greedy Kid


Help a brat get his favorite soda by using your own real spook-tacular vocals to scare the locals. A successful fright will yield some coins for the sought-after soda, but one isn't enough to satisfy this kid's cravings!

Hence the title.. Boo! Greedy Kid!

Play as a greedy kid preying on the coins of others in order to attain your ultimate goal: soda. You can scare these residents with either your own voice or, if you're shy, stick to the controller. If you're successful, you'll get a few coins for your efforts, but you'll also gain the attention of the local law enforcement. Drum up enough attention and you'll have to start getting clever by using nearby hiding spots to sneak to your next target.

If you need to lure the cops somewhere out of your way, you can drop your pants and just shake your buns, which is sure to get their (albeit furious ) attention! With enough scares, you'll be able to get your hard-earned cola reward across the game's one-hundred stages, or you can play around with the level editor option to create your own. Either way, you'll find tons of enjoyment in scaring the building's residents and guzzling pop!

You can purchase Boo! Greedy Kid on Steam here! You can also check out the developer's website, Twitter and !

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