Polyventure Asks Us To Walk Among The Animals & Wildlands


Polyventure wants players to consider endangered species and the environment as they wander its low-poly places, letting them take in the majesty of the animals as they walk among these dreamy representations of them.

Polyventure is a game of quiet thought, giving players some vast environments to explore, leaving them alone with whatever is rolling around their heads. At the same time, it also offers these up-close moments with beautiful animals, letting players meander among packs of creatures, giving them moments to just feel what it is like to be among these living creatures. Their stillness hints at an uncomfortable future that may await them, though, like seeing a photo of someone long gone, encouraging players to consider what the world would be like without these animals.

Polyventure offers many moments to reflect, or a soothing place to escape the world (but perhaps not its problems), being well worth the time spent within its pretty landscapes.

Polyventure is available for $4.99 on Steam. For more information on the game and developer Eternity Studios, you can follow them on YouTube.

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