Children Of Morta Is All About Family


The Bergson family has been guarding the mystical Mount Morta for generations. When corruption turns the once peaceful mountain into a violent, monster-infested nightmare, they face their biggest challenge yet. What these monsters don't know: they're messing with the wrong family.

Children of Morta's core gameplay loop consists of action-filled dungeon dives. See how far you come and then spend the resources you brought back on updates for your characters or your house. Get a little further next time, unlock some new stuff, rinse and repeat. This formula feels familiar by now and is competently done, but that's not what makes this game special, anyhow.

You see, there are these short vignettes of family life interspersed into the hacky and slashy parts. Grandma telling stories by the fireplace, the wife feeding the wildlife in the nearby forest (or panicking about a mouse in the kitchen), the kids playing or taking care of an orphaned puppy their father picked up in the dungeon.

These short cutscenes don't add anything substantial to the main story, but they infuse the whole game with a sense of serenity and peace that's much-needed in the face of impending doom and constant peril. They give you something worth coming home to.

Ultimately, Children of Morta doesn't really depict how families work, but how they should work: as harmonious communities sharing love, warmth, and an overwhelming desire not to take shit from some world-ending monster apocalypse. And that's something to aspire to.

Children of Morta will be out later this year.

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