Anthropomorphic Animals And Moody Noir Collide In Detective Adventure Backbone


Animal adventures have been a staple across fiction, from the recent Tooth & Tail, or Fables, or Redwall. But rather than war or urban fantasy or a medieval setting, Backbone places its trenchcoat-wearing animals on neon-lit pixel-art streets and within atmospheric detective noir.

Inspired by the atmosphere of works like Blade Runner and The Big Sleep, you're a raccoon detective on the streets of a dystopian Vancouver, solving mysteries in a world built from the the remains of a past civilization. In true gumshoe fashion, exploring the dark city, gathering evidence and interrogating witnesses lets you progress through a mature narrative that plans to touch on themes of prejudice and discrimination; you'll also be solving puzzles and even engaging in cautious sneaking around city denizens who can literally sniff you out. (Given the animal-themes lens, smell-based mechanics will play a prominent role.)

Backbone is currently in early development, with a first trailer slated to release next month. You can learn more about the game, its progress, and developer Eggnut through their site, Twitter, and page.

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