Step inside the brand new $1 billion US embassy in London — which Trump says is worse than the old one and refuses to visit


President Donald Trump has cancelled his planned trip to Britain, where he was due to open the new US embassy.

In a tweet on Thursday, Trump claimed that the Obama administration had sold the former US embassy "for 'peanuts,' only to build a new one in an off location."

The decision to sell the old embassy was actually taken during the George W Bush administration and reportedly driven by security concerns.

The new 12-story glass embassy, which is scheduled to open on January 16, cost $1 billion (£730 million) — making it the most expensive embassy ever built.

Take a look inside:

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This is the US new embassy in London, which cost $1 billion and will open on January 16. Located on Nine Elms Lane, Vauxhall, it overlooks the River Thames — what Trump called "an off location."

The old US embassy, located in the ritzy neighbourhood of Mayfair, opened in 1960 and embodies a brutalist architectural design. Trump called this "perhaps the best located and finest embassy."

But the new embassy is a 12-story glass cube without visible walls, which the designer, James Timberlake, said he wanted to exude "transparency, openness, equality."

Source: CBS, Washington Post

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