Ad of the Day: Poo-Pourri's Latest Crass Character is a Randy Granny Who Loves to Pee


Poo-Pourri's marketing team would like you to know its odor-trapping spray isn't just for poo. You can use it to save water, too, by not flushing your pee.

To make its case, the company is out with an ad featuring a foul-mouthed octogenarian who spouts a steaming stream of double entendres about urinating.

It's trying for the same kind of willfully gross irony as the brand's popular past ads with their fancy British accents. But the randy granny might not be as charmingly refined as the well-dressed socialite, or as ridiculous as Santa Claus caught on the throne.

So far, a good number of YouTube commenters just seem baffled. That's understandable, given graphic phrases like "Nothing beats ripping off my knickers and feeling that wet heat between my legs." Or maybe it's the over-the-top delivery that doesn't quite find the tension between classy and crass that made the brand's "Girls Don't Poop" spot work so well.

Still, the water conservation theme is timely, given the high-profile drought in California. And at least nobody can say the woman isn't enjoying her golden years.

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