Hitman 2 Lets You Battle 1v1 In ‘Ghost Mode’


Think you can do better in Hitman 2 than your friend? You will be able to challenge them to what’s essentially an assassination contest courtesy of Hitman 2’s Ghost Mode. A trailer has been released for this new game mode which shows that this will be a 1v1, real-time competitive mode.

The challenge will be simple. Both players have to assassinate five targets before their opponent does. The first to five assassinations wins. The two players who take part in this will start the match side-by-side. They will both play as Agent 47.

The two won’t be able to interact or attack each other. Each player gets their own separate reality and their opponent’s actions don’t influence it at all. Players will have all of the weapons, items, and outfits at their disposal. They will also receive “ghost crate supply drops” during the missions from the game.

IO Interactive’s next game is already shaping up to be quite the title. It also comes with a Sniper Assassination mode that allows for cooperative multiplayer. This has already been shown off before. The Ghost Mode will be available in Hitman 2’s Miami location at launch. It will come to other locations later.

Hitman 2 is due for release on November 13th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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