Lukka Sabbat Reveals How to Keep Your Skin Fresh


The young and fashion-savvy Luka Sabbat is an undisputed king of the cool kids, and aside from showcasing his effortless styling, the notable influencer/model now reveals how to keep your face fresh nightly.

Starring in Harper’s Bazaar‘s latest installment of their “Go To Bed With Me” series, Luka gives a walkthrough on his daily skin routine just before his bedtime.

In the step by step video above, Luka reveals that cold water is his choice for rinsing his face. “I like cold, some people like hot water. I don’t like hot water—unless it’s in my tea,” he says, before reaching for a Neutrogena Deep Clean Cooling Gel Scrub, which is his go-to choice since it feels cold on his skin. “It makes my face cold. It is very chilly, it is cold, it is refreshing. My favorite part of Icy Hot is icy.”

Continuing with the theme of cold, the second step in his routine is a matcha toner. “Also cold. Three cold things, you know? I like the feeling of cold on my face because a lot of times I’m tired. And every time cold wakes me up,” he reveals. Luka then proceeds with applying a sheet mask to hydrate, exfoliate and brighten his skin and finally, he says that the last step is his favorite.

“Last step, this is my favorite part. Because this sh*t actually works. This is Peter Thomas Roth eye mask-it works,” he says. “Peep this right here. Boom. See these bags? See how puffy this sh*t is? I swear to god, this sh*t work every time. I leave them on usually about ten minutes, then you’re good.”

Up next, here’s eight products you need to create a killer skincare routine, and a beginner’s guide to makeup for men.

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