Casey Neistat Shows off His “Bohemian Aristocrat” Manhattan Apartment

Photo of Casey Neistat Shows off His “Bohemian Aristocrat” Manhattan Apartment

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YouTuber and filmmaker Casey Neistat, along with his wife Candice Pool, who is a jewelry designer, provide a glimpse into their lavish home in a new interview with Architectural Digest.

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As the old adage says, opposites attract. Though that wasn't what brought together @caseyneistat and Candice Pool (of @finnjewelry and @billy), it definitely applies to the creative couple's apartment. When Neistat isn't skateboarding through the city with a @gopro, flying a red-eye to Tokyo, or climbing cliffs for his daily @youtube vlogs (Pool, a jewelry designer and his wife of five years, often costars), home is an urban refuge in a high-rise apartment building in downtown Manhattan—suburbia gone sky-high. It's not what you'd expect from the pair, who could be the poster children for loft living. In fact, that's exactly what they didn't want. "My home has to be the antithesis of the office," says Neistat, who works in a riotous SoHo loft. "The chaos and roughness of the office has to be complemented by the friendliness and homeyness of where I live, which has gotten exponentially easier since Candice and I started living together." Skyscrapers are their views in three directions, but their three-bedroom, three-and-a-half bath is quiet and tranquil. They had one priority. "It could not be a white box!" says Pool, a longtime West Village resident who had an allergy to new condo-style buildings but grew tired of the tour buses and stroller-unfriendly stairs in their last place. Neistat and Pool worked with New York City-based designer @dauncurry, who had also designed the flagship showrooms for Pool’s jewelry brands. Take a tour of the finished home through the link in our profile. Photo by @garruppo; text by @martinized

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Located in a high-rise apartment building in downtown Manhattan, the space exudes a zen-like atmosphere with its open plan layout, as AD describes it as “suburbia gone sky-high” and essentially a big contrast to Casey Neistat’s busy working environment, which is a loft in SoHo.

The couple teamed up with interior designer Daun Curry to revamp the three-bedroom, three and a half bathroom apartment after purchasing it in 2017, and elevated the serene aesthetic with vibrant elements like dynamic patterned wallpaper, pops of color all over, black wainscoting and even a gold skateboard sculpture that they found on the Lower East Side. According to Curry, the theme of the space can be described as “Bohemian Aristocrat” and boasting an eclectic mix that is also “laid-back luxe.”

“You don’t understand how many times a week I walk in here and say, ‘I love this apartment,’” Neistat told AD. “I’ve been in New York for almost 20 years, and I’ve only just survived in the city. This is the first apartment where I feel like I’m living in New York.”

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