Take a Hyperreal Trip to Another Dimension with EVAA’s “Fetus”


The term ‘global’ is thrown around quite a lot these days, but Mannheim, Germany’s Oxyorange actually have quite a handle on the term. They’re gearing up to share their third compilation ATLAS, just 6 months after their last
offering, CATHEXIS, and we’ve got the exclusive premiere of the music video for EVAA’s “FETUS” from the 10 track project.

We wholeheartedly agree with the label’s description of their sound as “nightmarish club music,” and you can definitely catch the vibe in EVAA’s video above. With freaky entities from another dimension creeping through settings that feel at once familiar and completely strange, it’s pretty nightmarish, especially when paired with EVAA’s harsh, techno club-ready percussion, and razor-sharp, warped and layered vocals. Check out the “FETUS” video from the Belgian producer above, and check out the entire ATLAS compilation below, with artists from Mexico to Japan, officially releasing September 23.

For more of our premieres, listen to XXYYXX and Nova Moura link up on “Gone Girl.”

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