BMW Introduces Its Self-Driving Electric Car

Photo of BMW Introduces Its Self-Driving Electric Car

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BMW has officially unveiled its vision for a self-driving electric car, the iNEXT, the manufacturer’s answer to the question: “What does a vehicle look like which no longer needs to be driven by a person but can be if desired?”

The exterior is similar in size to that of the BMW SAV, featuring an interlinked double-kidney grille, four-eyed front end, panoramic roof, iconic side window graphic, and familiar blue accent at the front, sides, and rear. Two large opposing doors then provide with unobstructed views of the spacious interior when opened, while cameras take the place of external mirrors. Lastly, aerodynamic 24-inch wheels round out the exterior design elements of the iNEXT.

Once inside the vehicle, the driver can choose either to drive themselves in “Boost” mode or be driven in “Ease” mode. The iNEXT welcomes two individual seats in the front, as well as a one-piece bench in the rear, which is ideal for two individuals. Purus Rosé, brown, and beige hues are largely used throughout the interior, noting a blend of cloth and wood materials, while Mystic Bronze accents play complement.

The only screens or controls in BMW’s Vision iNEXT can be found in the driver’s area. The technology solely becomes visible when it is required by the driver or passengers. Anyone in the car can then access the accompanying Intelligent Personal Assistant, which is seamlessly interlinked with BMW Connected, smart devices, and smart home network.

BMW is aiming for the Vision iNEXT to hit the market in 2021. For more on the self-driving electric car, follow here.

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