Here’s What You Can Expect at Apple’s Special Event Tomorrow


It’s been a quiet year for Apple announcements thus far, but with the Cupertino company’s special event just around the corner, all eyes are on the trillion dollar company to deliver a few “wow” moments during its keynote. Usually Apple is good at spreading out hardware releases between its iPhone, iPad, and MacBook lineups, but this year we haven’t received many notable announcements.

Last year, Apple took a leap with a radical redesign of its flagship phone by introducing the iPhone X. While on trend with a bezel-less screen, the X spawned a slew of memes for its controversial “notch” on the front display. Overall, the X was a step in the right direction for Apple. However, going into its special event tomorrow, it will be interesting to see how Apple addresses the unibrow bezel and how it will upgrade the full-screen display.

Apple’s September event historically focused exclusively on the iPhone, with a separate event in October to unveil other consumer products such as the iPad and MacBook. This year may be different. With Samsung, Google, and others finding great success in the smartphone and smarthome market, Apple will surely need to deliver a strong conference of tech goodies.

In typical fashion, Apple’s special event will be the talk of the tech world for weeks to come. Hopefully the company can offer enough surprise moments and strong announcements to keep current fans and convert nonbelievers. Here is everything we expect to see at Apple’s 2018 special event.

The main item on the bill is a lineup of new iPhones. Apple is rumored to have three. First up is the reportedly leaked iPhone XS, an updated version of last year’s iPhone X, which is rumored to feature everyone’s favorite notch on a bezel-less 5.8-inch screen.

What we are really hoping to see, however, is the rumored 6.5-inch version of the XS. 9to5Mac predicts the phone will be called the iPhone XS Max, killing the previously used “Plus” labeling. The “max” version is meant to increase audience appeal and compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Google Pixel 2 XL. Analysts currently expect the retail price to be an astonishing $1,199.

There is also rumored to be a more affordable iPhone (hopefully bezel-less) that will be replacing the 8 and 8 Plus, and act as Apple’s new entry-level model.

The phones will all supposedly be available in gold, and will feature OLED displays, stainless steel frames, and Face ID.

The Apple Watch Series 4 will most likely get some shine during the keynote. On the software end, the watch has always been a tech delight, but it will be more exciting to see what changes Apple makes to the hardware design. Will it keep its signature boxy look or will it take on a round classic watch design approach, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Watch? If so, it would be the first major redesign in the watch’s three-year lifespan.

The iPad and iPad Pro are in need of a hardware makeover. Rumors speculate that the new tablets will undergo a bezel-less transformation similar to the iPhone X. The only questions is: will the iPad also include the notch? It being a much larger device than the X, a small notch won’t be as noticeable. With the Note 9’s stylist receiving plenty of upgrades, it will be interesting to see how Apple tackles upgrading the Apple Pencil to become more advanced.

This year we should see an assortment of tech goodies for our phones, tablets, watches, etc. One of the more notable rumors is a new version of AirPod wireless headphones featuring new wireless chips and hands-free Siri activation. We’d love for Apple devices to support USB-C for fast charging capabilities, a “mini” version of the HomePod speaker, and also a hard release date for the AirPower charging station. If we’re lucky, Apple will also give fans a first glimpse at the AR glasses it’s been reportedly working on.

With most of the keynote focusing on the iPhone lineup, Apple could have the opportunity to surprise fans with a classic “wait, there’s one more thing” moment during the keynote. A new MacBook Air redesign should be that moment. The device needs some love. Retina-display love to be exact. An upgraded Air with a new display, power, and Touch ID would be the perfect release this holiday season and replace the 12-inch MacBook lineup.

Watch the Apple Special Event live September 12 at 10 a.m. PDT. Check back here after the keynote for a full event recap and complete list of announcements.

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