J. Cole Tears Up During Emotional Tribute to Mac Miller

Photo of J. Cole Tears Up During Emotional Tribute to Mac Miller

During his show in Las Vegas on Friday, J. Cole delivered an emotional tribute to Mac Miller. Before dedicating “Love Yourz” to Miller, Cole touched on mental health issues and appeared to tear up in the process.

“As you grow up, you go through some traumatic shit,” Cole said. “You leave it alone and you ignore it, and before you know it, you’re 20 fucking years old and you’re walking around with all this shit that’s accumulated and ain’t nobody showed you how to deal with this shit.”

He continued, “Every day, Vegas, people die. And they never got a chance to deal with their shit… I’m not trying to wait till I die to deal with my shit. I’m trying to deal with my shit right fuckin’ now.”

Miller died on Friday from a suspected overdose. Cole is among many artists to have paid tribute to the late rapper, including Chance the Rapper, Kid Cudi, Pusha-T, and Jaden Smith. Watch his speech below.

In related news, a Mac Miller vigil is to be held today at Blue Slide Park in Pittsburgh.

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