The Classic Tamagotchi Designs Are Getting Re-Released

Photo of The Classic Tamagotchi Designs Are Getting Re-Released

Bandai America is bringing the original Tamagotchi virtual toy back, Variety reports.

After a successful relaunch last year, the nostalgia-inducing pet — one that tended to either die of starvation or drown in its own excrement if left to its own devices — will return this fall.

Unlike last year’s release, which saw the device boasting new tweaks that had fans “clamoring for the return of the originals,” as Bandai America market director Tara Badie put it, this time around the company has opted to not to mess with the OG toy. These updates boast the same programming and packaging as the 1997 original.

Tamagotchi was first launched in Japan in 1996 and introduced to the rest of the world six months later. This iteration arrives in eight brand new colorways and eight vintage styles, with each of the two “generations” getting a different mini-game on top of all the original features.

The digital creature will retail for $19.99, and will be available for pre-order from September 30.

Do you still own your original Tamagotchi or are you hyped to repurchase? Let us know in the comments.

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