Imran Amed: meet fashion’s most influential man

Photo of Imran Amed: meet fashion’s most influential man

Imran Amed’s website, the Business of Fashion, is the oracle of the style world. As its top 500 power list is published, we ask how he’s got designers and editors hanging on his every word

Ping! Six days a week, just before 6am BST, nearly half a million people receive an email from Imran Amed. Among these recipients are the most influential designers, CEOs and mavens in the fashion industry. They are based in around 190 countries around the world and, tellingly, almost two-thirds are under 34 years old – the cherished, all-important millennials.

The message – sent under the banner of Amed’s company the Business of Fashion, or BoF – contains a series of links, simply presented. Some stories are generated by BoF staff, the rest are aggregated from external media companies, from Vogue and the New York Times to the Chinese dailies. Sometimes there will be a global exclusive: Kate Moss chose to launch her new modelling agency on the BoF website; the exits of designers Jenna Lyons and Phoebe Philo from J Crew and Céline respectively were revealed first on the site. Alternatively, the email might direct the reader to one of their long reads: a three-part investigation into the merger of Yoox and Net-a-Porter, for example, or a report into the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, which uncovered depression, drug abuse and suicide at the prestigious fashion school.

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