Twitter announces it’s finally banned Alex Jones

Photo of Twitter announces it’s finally banned Alex Jones

A month platforms like Facebook and YouTube banned conspiracy theorist Alex Jones for harassment and glorifying violence, and a day after he appeared at Wednesday’s tech hearings in Washington, D.C., Twitter announced it had finally suspended both Jones and InfoWars from its platform.

As CNN reported, Twitter booted Jones permanently on Thursday, citing Jones’ broadcast of a verbal assault on CNN reporter Oliver Darcy. Jones used Periscope — which Twitter owns — to broadcast his decision to accost Darcy, who had previously reported on Jones breaching Twitter’s Terms of Service.

In his harassment of Darcy, Jones called the CNN reporter the “equivalent of like the Hitler Youth.”

For many, Twitter’s decision to bar Jones — one of the country’s most notorious conspiracy theorists — came far too late, especially considering Jones’ history of spreading conspiracies about tragic events like the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.

It appears last month’s suspensions on platforms like Facebook have sent Jones into a downward spiral. At Wednesday’s tech hearing, he confronted Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), even deciding to “pat” Rubio on his shoulder against the senator’s will. Jones also confronted Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who had previously personally decided to keep Jones on the platform.

As Twitter said in a statement, Jones also hasn’t just lost his own account, but access to the platform as a whole.

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