Fox News Attacks Cosby Actor For Working At Trader Joe's

Photo of Fox News Attacks Cosby Actor For Working At Trader Joe's

"The Cosby Show" was very much a cultural phenomenon in the late '80s and early '90s, really spearheading the concept of "Must See TV" back in the day. Few shows break through and stay at the top of the ratings like that.

Actor Geoffrey Owens was lucky (and talented) enough to be part of that bottled lightning back in the day. He played Elvin, the husband of Cosby's eldest daughter (and father to Cosby's grandchildren). That's the kind of job that actors dream of: being part of a top-rated show with a cast and crew at the height of their game.

That was also 26 years ago. "The Cosby Show" is long gone. Reruns had pretty consistently aired since Cosby shuttered production in 1992, but were pulled after Bill Cosby was charged with sexual assault. (In truth, most actors, unless they have some sort of producer credit or deal, only see residuals from reruns for the first few times the shows are aired).

Owens has kept working, though. His IMDb credits show a decent level of consistency, mostly doing episodic work. He also taught acting classes for other aspiring actors.

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