UK Collective Vibbar Talk ‘80s Music, Remixing, and Bringing the Vibes in PUMA’s RS-0 SOUND

Photo of UK Collective Vibbar Talk ‘80s Music, Remixing, and Bringing the Vibes in PUMA’s RS-0 SOUND

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After their remix of Lonyo’s UK garage classic “Summer of Love ” became one of 2016’s summer anthems, London-based collective Vibbar have continued to make their ascent through the UK’s underground dropping bangers including “La Di Dah” and most recently, “Sweden.” Now, the collective are taking their talents away from the studio and bringing the vibes to PUMA‘s recently launched RS-0 SOUND.

Vibbar is the brainchild of lyricist Poet, who founded the collective to pool his and his friends’ talents in sounds and style into one creative force. The name he chose, Vibbar, means vibes in Swedish (his girlfriend hails from the country) and perfectly sums up what the collective is about. Whether in music, fashion, photography, or production, Vibbar generate positive vibes with everything they create. The crew currently counts 15 members, among which are Skits, Joe, Yinka, and Dorian, who PUMA has tapped alongside founder Poet to test out its latest sneaker, the RS-0 SOUND.

PUMA’s RS-0 SOUND is the latest release in the brand’s roster of reinvented Running System (RS) designs. The RS technology was developed in the ‘80s and in honor of its recent revival, PUMA looked to the cultural pillars of gaming, photography, and music for inspiration. Taking cues from ‘80s drum machines, music videos, and bright-colored fashion, the RS-0 SOUND taps into our nostalgic musical yearnings with its throwback vibes. However, its design—which features a sleek lacing system, subtle perforations on the vamp, and a tonal embossed formstrip—ensures the sneaker meets all of today’s aesthetic and functional requirements.

To celebrate the launch of the RS-0 SOUND, we caught up with Vibbar when they were on set for the shoot to talk about why the ‘80s were so great, sampling, and remixing Michael Jackson.

Tell us about Vibbar and how it started?
I went to a show with a couple of boys from Confect and Jordy to watch our mate Joel Baker. It was at a small venue in Hoxton Square and I was quite upset that I was watching a great display of talent and everyone else just spoke. I felt they disrespected the act on stage. I remember me and Jordy weren’t too happy and my mind started ticking. I decided that we should put on our own night with all the people we think are mad talented. We called the night Natten av Vibbar, which means “night of vibes” in Swedish. The main inspiration behind it being Swedish was the mother of my kids—she is a massive reason that I rediscovered the meaning of love not just for a single soul but everything I put my energy into creatively. After the first night was a success we decided to keep the group and abbreviate the name to just Vibbar.

What projects are in the works for Vibbar?
We have a project out right now called “The Package” which we released fairly low key. We respect the world of music so much and we want to build an organic fan base, so we were giving out hard copies and placing loads of nostalgic elements within the package to give it an old-school feel. We literally put the music on CDs and wrote with a felt-tip marker on them. This is how music was handed out back in the day and it was about us remembering why we do music and taking it back to a time when it was fresh and enjoyable to be part of.

Do you think it’s important to look to the past to push forward in the future?

“It’s very important to look back in order to move forward. I think naturally as people we get caught up in situations occasionally and get lost. I myself still talk to people I’ve known since I was five or six, which is very humbling for me because if I ever forget myself they remind me: Your name is Kyle Stewart, a working-class council estate boy who is working hard and making his family proud. It’s important to me.”

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