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You highlight once again the massive problem of food waste, with one third of produce thrown away (Report, 21 August). A large part of this is due to supermarket special offers such as three for the price of two, which pressure people to buy more than they need. How much of supermarkets’ profits are made by persuading people to buy too much food, which either increases the problem of obesity or of food waste? It is time to consider making this type of special offer illegal.
Dudley Miles

• Prue Leith believes in banning packed lunches (Report, 21 August) as parents can’t be trusted to pack healthy options or resist child pressure. My daughter started packed lunches in the 90s after she came home and told me school lunch had been “pizza with spaghetti hoops and chips”. I’d love to think that the state is now committed to better, and the dinner staff to ensuring balanced meals. But I’m cynical.
Jo Tomalin

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