Meek Mill Talks Prison Reform on the ‘Wrongful Conviction’ Podcast

Photo of Meek Mill Talks Prison Reform on the ‘Wrongful Conviction’ Podcast

Meek Mill continues to inform the world about his experiences with the criminal justice system. Most recently, the Philadelphia native appeared on music industry executive Jason Flom’s Wrongful Conviction podcast to discuss prison reform.

Meek was joined by Philadelphia 76ers part owner Michael Rubin, as they began on the topic of probation laws and the tendency of black men in America to reoffend.

“30% of black men without a college education will spend time in jail by their 30th birthday,” Flom noted, as the likelihood of black men without a high school diploma to be incarcerated is even higher at 60%.

In transiting to the living conditions in prison, Meek insisted, “This is stuff you wouldn’t do to your pets.”

In addition, Meek, Rubin, and Flom spoke about the work ethic of ex-offenders, incarceration rates in America, probation standards, and voting. Follow on over to iTunes to hear Meek Mill on Jason Flom’s Wrongful Conviction podcast.

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