Enter the Newest Duo in Americana

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Robbie Fulks and Linda Gail Lewis
Wild! Wild! Wild!

He’s an Americana great who excels at both sly humor and thoughtful balladry. She’s the younger sister of original rock and roll hellraiser Jerry Lee Lewis, with a wild musical streak of her own. Put ’em together and the result is nonstop fun. Produced by Fulks, who also composes the majority of the tunes, Wild! Wild! Wild! is a sometimes raucous, sometimes tender and always gripping survey of enduring traditional styles. There’s boogie-woogie stompers (“Round Too Long”), honky-tonk laments (“I Just Lived a Country Song”), Dixieland jazz (“Memphis Never Falls from Style”) and deep soul (“Foolmaker”), all highlighted by her powerhouse piano and playful vocals from both parties. Move over, Johnny and June, George and Tammy: Robbie and Linda Gail are the latest classic duo!

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