Accessories Reign Supreme In This Seoul Street Style Set

Photo of Accessories Reign Supreme In This Seoul Street Style Set

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Location: Seoul

Month: July 2018

Key Looks: While workwear and layering were once again major looks, it was the accessories that caught our eyes the most in this Seoul street style set. Handbags and totes from the likes of OFF-WHITE, CDG, and A-COLD-WALL* were matched with Gucci belts, various forms jewelry, and the always reliable baseball cap. Paired with the workwear-heavy ’fits, the accessories either complemented or expertly contrasted what Seoul’s most stylish were wearing.

Editor’s Notes: Seoul Counterfeit Culture , looked at the booming counterfeit goods market and we’ve also covered Soul10, a traveling exhibition of 10 of the strongest South Korean brands.

Flip through the looks above and let us know which you’d rock and which, if any, you don’t really feel.

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