‘From the Ground Up’ Explores the Past, Present, & Future of Women in Footwear


On this episode of From the Ground Up we examine how women have made spaces for themselves in the sneaker industry when the blueprint wasn’t there. Also, what the future of women in the industry looks like, and how we can help be apart of it.

To start off the episode, host Pete Forestor sits down with creative consultant Gia Seo and associate fashion director of Barney’s NY Jackie Kim to discuss Jordan’s approach to appeal to the female demographic, the troubles of finding women sizes, and how sneaker culture is a boys club.

Our sneaker editor Chris Danforth talks with Alexandra Hackett (Miniswoosh) to talk about how she has carved out a space for herself and created a new aesthetic for an underserved consumer.

Peter later catches up with Andrea Perez, the vice president and general manager of Jordan Women’s to talk why now is the right time to launch a women specific brand. Watch the full episode above.

After, watch our previous episode of ‘From the Ground Up’ as we explore how hype impacts the sneaker culture.

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