Former CIA Officer Convicted of Spying for China

Photo of Former CIA Officer Convicted of Spying for China

A U.S. jury outside Washington has convicted a former CIA officer on charges that he spied for China. The jury in Alexandria, Virginia, found Kevin Mallory, 61, guilty of espionage for giving top-secret information to China in exchange for $25,000.Prosecutors said Mallory was motivated by money and came under suspicion from authorities when he was found with more than $16,000 in undeclared cash on a return flight from Shanghai.Defense lawyers argued that Mallory was engaged in legitimate work as a consultant for China and gave the Chinese no important information. Prosecutors said Mallory, a U.S. citizen who speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese, was in the process of transmitting several classified documents when he was arrested in Virginia. Officials said Mallory shredded the paper copies of the classified documents but kept a memory card containing the documents concealed in his house. They said Mallory asked his family during a call from jail to search the house for the card, which investigators later found. "This trial highlights a serious threat to U.S. national security," said Nancy McNamara, assistant director in charge of the FBI's Washington field office."Foreign intelligence agents are targeting former U.S. government security clearance holders in order to recruit them and steal our secrets."Mallory faces a maximum penalty of life in prison when he is sentenced in September.

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