Instagram Cannot Handle Balenciaga’s $1,000+ Shirt-on-a-Shirt

Photo of Instagram Cannot Handle Balenciaga’s $1,000+ Shirt-on-a-Shirt

Balenciaga is no stranger when it comes to dropping statement pieces. From its dadcore SS18 collection to the ever-divisive Triple S, the label knows how to get people talking — even if what they say isn’t always complimentary.

Recently, the label previewed its Fall 2018 collection, which included pattern-heavy garms and, of course, oversized silhouettes. But what’s really got people going is the doubled-up shirt-on-a-shirt, which you can see below.

The items, from the brand’s forthcoming men’s collection, cost $1,290 and $1,490 each, and once images did the rounds on Instagram, the internet pounced.

For a rundown of what people are saying, check out some comments below.

I’m getting a Floyd [sic] Christmas from ‘Dumb and Dumber’ vibe ….



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