Nicki Minaj Alludes to Dating Eminem

Photo of Nicki Minaj Alludes to Dating Eminem

Nicki Minaj alluded to dating none other than Eminem in a recent social media comment. After posting a video on Instagram rapping along to her verse on YG’s new song “Big Bank,” fans became curious as to whether she might be dating the “Slim Shady” rapper.

To recap, her lyrics on the track include the words, “Back to back Maybach, stack the M’s/ Told em’ I met Slim Shady, bag the M/ Once he go black, he’ll be back again.” In her Instagram post, she used the caption, “Told’em I met Slim Shady. Bagged a EM!!!”, underlining the fact that she’s referring to Eminem in the song.

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