Gay man who was denied marriage license by Kim Davis loses primary bid to overthrow her in Kentucky


Three years after being denied a marriage license by Rowan County clerk Kim Davis in Kentucky, David Ermold has been edged out of the running for challenging Davis; despite out-earning the primary opponent who beat him by at least $200,000 from 48 states.

Davis consumed the news cycle in 2015 after refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples because of her religious beliefs, and memorably served five days in jail rather than give in to court 0rders demanding her compliance.

No Republican is challenging Davis in her current run.

Ermold’s campaign also reportedly received some Hollywood help in his bid for public office, with Susan Sarandon and Amy Schumer both contributing to his campaign.

But Davis hasn’t raised funds or spent any money on her reelection efforts.

In a video from September 1, 2015 , Ermold and his partner, David Moore, confront Davis at her office with a crowd of news media. Moore pleads for an explanation from Davis, saying “I pay your salary. I pay you to discriminate against me, right now. That’s what I’m paying for,” after telling her that she’s denying the couple the same rights that she has.

“Would you do this to an interaction couple?” Moore asks Davis. To which she replies: “A man and a woman? No.”

Moore and Ermhold eventually wed after 17 years together.

The winner in Tuesday’s Democratic primary was , who will face Davis in November’s election.

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