One Nation reversal on big business tax cuts 'disappointing', Cormann says – politics live

Photo of One Nation reversal on big business tax cuts 'disappointing', Cormann says – politics live

Pauline Hanson changes her mind again on tax – just in time for the Longman byelection. All the day’s events, live

Our welfare bill is going to hit nearly $190 billion and it is rising all the time. Where is the money coming from? That is why I have to be realistic about this. I have to actually be, you know, pragmatic in my decisions, how I handle this, and in all good conscience, I cannot. I am looking at the long-term vision of this country, not the short term.

It is not about what is right for One Nation, it is not about One Nation. It is about the people of this country. Get past the short term vision of handing out, you know, it is like lollipops they are handing out, buying votes. This has to be, decisions have to be made to take us into the long-term of our future generations and providing for those people who need our assistance and help.”

You know why the welfare bill is rising? Because of pensions. Because we have an aging population. You know why we bring in skilled migrants? Because we don’t have enough people with the necessary skills to keep our economy going. The economy which supports the welfare bill, which is largely created by Pauline Hanson’s own electorate pool. And again, not that it even mattered here, because her vote meant nothing without Storer and Hinch.

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“I haven’t had an opportunity to actually speak to the Minister Corman, but we put it on the record. I have the utmost respect for Minister Corman. He has been a man that I have faith in and I have a lot of time for him. He has negotiated with me on this. I know he is devastated over this. But it is not Minister Corman. It is his colleagues. And the government that have let him down.

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