‘Fortnite’ Is Getting Jetpacks, According to Week 5 Leak

Photo of ‘Fortnite’ Is Getting Jetpacks, According to Week 5 Leak

Not only can Fortnite fans look forward to the ever-popular video game coming to Android this summer, in addition to arrival for Nintendo Switch, but now it appears gamers will finally be able to utilize jetpacks while playing. Jetpacks were initially scheduled to roll out back in February, but due to design issues, this never happened. Insider @FNBRLeaks has recently reported, however, that the accessory will soon be here.

If all goes accordingly, jetpacks will make their way to Fortnite in a week 5 Limited Time Mode, referred to as “Close Encounters,” featuring “close-quarters combat with shotguns and jetpacks.” Fuel for the jetpack will seemingly be limited, so you won’t be able to simply fly around nonstop.

For now, no specific date surrounding availability for the jetpack has been revealed, but insiders are pointing to May 29. As always, check back with us for more.

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