‘System’ Magazine Honors UNDERCOVER With Huge 50-Page Story

Photo of ‘System’ Magazine Honors UNDERCOVER With Huge 50-Page Story

System magazine has chosen to pay tribute to UNDERCOVER designer Jun Takahashi with a mammoth 50-page feature, written by equally renowned fashion critic Tim Blanks.

No ordinary think-piece, the feature sees Takahashi speaking with fellow designers Nobuhiko Kitamura (of Hysteric Glamour fame) and Kim Jones (formerly Louis Vuitton, soon to be Dior Homme), with prose by Blanks and a sprawling editorial shoot shot by Norbert Schoerner and styled by Takahashi himself.

Since founding NOWHERE with BAPE founder Nigo in the early ’90s, Takahashi has built a immovable legacy as one of fashion’s most out-there thinkers, regularly using the runway to reference iconic artists (like Cindy Sherman), musicians (Public Enemy, via Supreme) and movies (2001: A Space Odyssey, from FW18).

Head over to the System webstore to pick up a copy yourself, priced £10 (a little over $13USD, according to current exchange rates).

At Pitti Uomo in January, Takahashi hosted a joint show with another Japanese design legend, Takahiro Miyashita (the brains behind NUMBER (N)INE and TAKAHIROMIYASHITA The Soloist.).

Check out our lengthy interview with the two designers in this exclusive interview, conducted after the double-header fashion spectacle.

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