Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” Gets a Feminist Edit


A little over a week ago Childish Gambino introduced us to his new single, “This Is America,” by sharing a captivating music video centering around violence and race relations in the U.S. Since, fans and contemporaries alike have been buzzing about the politically-charged piece, furthering the conversation around such problematic issues. Now, however, it appears that others are looking to benefit from Gambino’s masterpiece by switching the narrative.

Nicole Arbour, a self-proclaimed comedian, in turn presents her “This Is America: Women’s Edit.” The rework finds Arbour discussing beauty standards, the pay gape, and rape, among other pro-female topics. Not only have Gambino’s powerful lyrics been stripped, but we then see the implementation of twerking and tap dancing in the visual.

While Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” suggests how easily we become distracted when it pertains to inequality and racism, parodies like the on-hand women’s edit are further proof of what he was trying to detail in the first place.

For more on “This Is America,” the song’s lyrics and the video’s choreography get explained.

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