Ryan Reynolds Just Went on Korean TV Dressed as a Unicorn


In some of the day’s more random news, Ryan Reynolds has dressed up as a unicorn and sang Annie‘s classic musical hit, “Tomorrow,” on Korean TV. The actor is currently in the midst of a promotional tour ahead of the release of Deadpool 2.

The TV show — King of Masked Songs — works similarly to The Voice: Contestants hide their physical appearance while singing, so the judges can base their approval solely on their voice. Thus, when this hopeful came out on stage dressed as a unicorn, the audience had zero clue that it was Reynolds peeking out from beneath that glitter-coated exterior. Naturally, the reveal came as quite a surprise to those watching.

In fact, the entire event was so under-wraps that Reynold says his wife, Blake Lively, had no clue what was about to go down. You can check out his performance up top, and the big reveal (complete with the audience losing their minds) in the clip below:

Deadpool 2 swings into theaters nationwide Friday, May 18.

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