YouTube Reacts to PAQ x Highsnobiety’s Best Dressed YouTuber Awards


As most of you will have heard already, Highsnobiety has teamed up with U.K.-based YouTubers PAQ to bring the online world’s fashion-conscious together for the inaugural Best-Dressed YouTuber Awards. The BDYs, as they’re abbreviated, are PAQ’s answer to TV’s endless award shows, and will aim to bring attention to some of the web’s steeziest content creators.

The 15 contestants, who were split into three categories based on how many subscribers they have on YouTube, were introduced this week. There are the likes of Sangiev and TJR in the lightweight category; Kai Bent-Lee, Magnus Ronning, and The Unknown Vlogs head a strong middleweight category; while Blazendary and Qias Omar are included in the heavyweight category.

Now that the contestants have been unveiled and voting has started, several of the nominees, as well as other streetwear-focused YouTube channels, have shared videos outlining their thoughts on the BDYs as a concept.

Scroll through the videos below to hear from some of YouTube’s most stylish on what they think about the Best-Dressed YouTuber Awards.

What do you think of the Best-Dressed YouTuber Awards? Who do you want to win? Let us know in the comments.

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