Android’s Latest Feature is Awfully Similar to the iPhone X

Photo of Android’s Latest Feature is Awfully Similar to the iPhone X

Google’s operating system Android P is set to undergo a major overhaul. At a recent developer conference, the tech giant announced a significant update to its gesture-based navigation, and, as pointed out by , it’s not all too dissimilar from Apple’s iPhone X.

The update will alter the way in which users switch between apps. Currently, Android has a three-icon display of on-screen buttons, including home, back, and multitasking. All three will be replaced by a single line at the bottom of the display — just like the iPhone X — that can be used to navigate around the OS.

As a result, Android’s multitasking screen can now be activated via new gestures. To see your most recent active apps, users can do a short swipe up and then scroll left and right through a list. If you swipe up again, the display will reveal the app drawer, with suggested apps at the top of the display.

Additionally, users can scroll between open applications — again, similarly to the iPhone X — by tapping and sliding along the home button. This new interface allows users to pan over to the app they want.

Certain features will remain the same, however, including a virtual back button, and holding down the home button to bring up Google Assistant. A beta for Android P is available now, and users should expect the final product within the coming months.

For a visual comparison, check out this clip from The Verge below.

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