Gucci’s Illustrated New Fragrance Campaign Celebrates Female Coming-of-Age

Photo of Gucci’s Illustrated New Fragrance Campaign Celebrates Female Coming-of-Age

As a part of its Acqua di Fiori fragrance campaign, Gucci has enlisted the help of 15 female illustrators to create designs around the themes of friendship, coming of age and femininity.

Calling upon a selection of artists from the UK, France, Kuwait, Italy, New York and more, each design reflects a sharp style and interpretation of the luxury brand and what its fragrance means to young women.

Among those commissioned is London-born Joy Miessi, whose distinct typography and designs have led the artist to work with the likes of Tate Modern and Vogue. Polly Nor’s designs, on the other hand, see two young friends decked in Gucci transforming into her signature demon caricature with the caption “when you’re alone with your best friend…”

Other noteworthy ones include Phoebe Collings-James’s watercolor images, tattooist Frances Cannon and her line-work drawings, and Nouri Flayhan’s sketch motifs.

The Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori fragrance is the second women’s perfume from creative director Alessandro Michele. Take a look at the images below and drop your thoughts in the comments.

“En moi s'enlacent plusieurs corps, toutes sortes d'histoires. Je suis l'enfant, la voyageuse, le cygne de l'étang. Une fleur qui migre, un chat botté. Le rire intense de femmes révoltées. Derrière moi se tiennent magnifiques mes amies mes sœurs, nous sommes les louves, nous sommes la forêt.” @coquelicotmafille’s short story of moments bound together by a poem for Gucci Bloom #AcquaDiFiori. The French-Italian artist dips into multiple mediums to create her work—including embroidery, writing, painting on canvas and on urban walls. #InBloom #AlessandroMichele “Many bodies and many different stories are entwined in me. I am the child, the traveler, the swan of the pond. A flower that migrates, a cat 'n boots. The intense laughter of women in rebellion. Behind me stand the magnificents, my friends my sisters. We are the wolves, we are the forest.”

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