The Immortal Life and Legacy of Chicago’s Fredo Santana


Issue 16 of Highsnobiety Magazine features a cover story with the brand FTP. The chosen image was one from their archives of the late Fredo Santana, the beloved rapper who unexpectedly passed away in January. We thought it appropriate to highlight Santana and his legacy with this standalone piece. In addition, proceeds of this issue of the magazine will be donated to his baby son, Legend Derrick Coleman.

There’s something heartbreaking about seeing talented artists cut down in their prime. Whether it’s the untimely passing of Amy Winehouse, Lil Peep, or Avicii, it leaves a hole in our collective cultural consciousness, one that comes with an extra layer of added tragedy in their perceived unfulfilled potential. In January 2018, Chicago rapper Fredo Santana (real name Derrick Coleman) departed this mortal coil and joined the ranks of the ill-fated 27 club. Santana left a lot behind: his girlfriend and their eight-month-old son, Legend Derrick Coleman, a recently started weed business in California, his own label, Savage Squad Records, as well as a music legacy that is only now beginning to come into focus.

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