Top 10 Comments of the Week: Clermont Twins, Kanye West, IKEA x OFF-WHITE, & More

Photo of Top 10 Comments of the Week: Clermont Twins, Kanye West, IKEA x OFF-WHITE, & More

From Kanye West’s Twitter rants continuing to cause the same mass hysteria that we reported in last week’s comment roundup, to Virgil ABloh announcing he will offer fans a sneak peak at his highly-anticipated IKEA x OFF-WHITE collaboration, our loyal readership lambasted the aforementioned stories as well as a few more in a style true to those “woke” few.

Amongst this, the Kanye-approved Clermont Twins are poised for fashion domination, Quentin Tarantino’s new movie promises to be truly terrifying, and COMME des GARÇONS just released a brand new Nike collaboration that has been met with some very mixed reviews.

Below you’ll find a roundup of our favorite comments, sourced from both Facebook and our very own website. Be sure to keep the funny, interesting, and bizarre comments coming, and in the meantime check out this week’s finest below.

Please keep in mind these comments are meant to be taken as jokes and are only highlighted for the comedic effect they offer.

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10. “Yeah sure, if you enjoy having severe panic attacks and being unable to walk in a straight line.” — (Source: Facebook)

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9. “Oh we looking like fruity loops now?” — (Source: Facebook)

Original Post: Virgil Abloh Shares Shots of Custom OFF-WHITE Goalkeeper’s Gloves

8. “Could have at least given them to a goalie that makes saves.” – (Source: Facebook)

Original Post: Virgil Abloh Is Unveiling a Sneak Peak of the IKEA x Off-WHITE Collab

7. “Step 1. Look at item
Step 2. Write something ironic on item

– I’m the next fucking Virgil.” – (Source: Facebook)

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6. “All the Supreme fuccbois are sitting in math class wondering how they can integrate that bra into their outfit.” — (Source: Facebook)

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5. “Perfect – bring all your violent fantasies together with a bio of someone else with violent fantasies – the world really needs this.” — (Source: Facebook)

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4. “‘That Ye cray.’” – Agitate (Source: Highsnobiety)

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3. “Whoever designed these needs to be fired.” — (Source: Facebook)

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2. “Real Friends? huh?” — (Source: Facebook)

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1. “Flacko trains??” – hoodbourgeois. (Source: Highsnobiety)

Now, for more in comment-worthy news, be sure to check out what Kanye West has in mind for his new album cover.

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