Torey Krug Provides Third-Period Momentum For Bruins In Game 7 Victory

Photo of Torey Krug Provides Third-Period Momentum For Bruins In Game 7 Victory

BOSTON — With the season hanging in the balance and the Boston Bruins tied with the Toronto Maple Leafs in the third period of Game 7, defenseman Torey Krug provided the team with some uplifting energy.

Krug was over by the Boston bench yelling, “Let’s go, let’s go!” after tying the game at four early in the third, and the Bruins ran away with Game 7 from there.

“It’s a momentum shift for sure,” Krug said of his goal after the game. “It was a big play, and we kept it going, foot on the gas pedal and we just went to work.”

Long-time Bruin Patrice Bergeron said it’s easy to get energized by seeing that sort of attitude from one of their players. “We always talked about picking each other up throughout the year, and tonight was no different,” Bergeron said after the game. “It’s always one guy that finds a way and then you just feed off of that.”

Bergeron continued: “Torey, with that big goal, obviously got the bench going and I thought everyone after that, in their own way, stepped up and did their job.”

The team definitely stepped up, scoring four unanswered goals in the third en route to the Game 7 victory for Boston.

“It was just kind of like the definition of our season,” Krug said regarding the third-period comeback. “We were going to break them (Toronto), and we were going to out-will them and we did.”

With the 7-4 win, Boston moves on to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs where they will play a best-of-seven series against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

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