Syria crisis: UK calls Russia's Douma chemical attack claim 'ludicrous' – live

Photo of Syria crisis: UK calls Russia's Douma chemical attack claim 'ludicrous' – live

Follow live updates as the Labour leader calls for a UN-led investigation into Syria after the cabinet backs Theresa May’s warning that Assad’s use of chemical weapons should not go unchallenged

How has the Assad-Iran-Russia coalition adjusted its military posture following Assad's CW attack? See the NEW #map update: #Syria #Russia #Iran

The US thinktank the Institute for the Study of War has been tracking reports of military movements of Russia and Syria since last weekend’s chemical attack on Douma.

Two Russian Su-24M ‘Fencer’ attack aircraft conducted several low-altitude passes in close proximity to the USS Donald Cook and the French frigate Aquitaine in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea on April 11. The Russian Navy conducted a firing drilloff the Syrian coast in a likely attempt to deter U.S. and allied naval maneuvers near Syria on April 11.

Russia reportedly deployed four Tu-95MS ‘Bear’ and Tu-160M ‘Blackjack’ strategic bombers as well as an unspecified number of Il-78M tanker aircraft from the Engels Air Base in Southern Russia. Their final destination is unknown although they may be bound for Syria or theHamedan Air Basein Western Iran. Russia previously targeted locations in Eastern Syria from the Engels Air Base.

The shadow home secretary, Diane Abbott, has struggled to defend Labour’s call for a UN-led inspection into the Douma attack.

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